Saison 1 | Episode 1


Société/Humour, Allemagne 1996

In Dumponia exists a colorful rat population. The well-to-do Dumponians reside in refrigerators or buffets, and like to meet in the “Rattatui”. Rats that immigrant into the country, such as Drainy, do not live as grand but rather in a filing cabinet with Dumper as their janitor. Together, Drainy and his friend Dumper find themselves in some crazy situations that can only be solved with laughs and humour. The sewer rat Gulli has to leave her home in Canada because of an environmental disaster that has made the country uninhabitable. In garbage divisions, the asylum seeker faces a difficult admission process.
13 min
À partir de 8 ans
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Réalisation :

Iwan Daskalow

Musique :

Matthias Raue

Voix :

Yanko Petrov (Gulli)

Konstantin Sterev (Müller)

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Format :

16:9 HD, Couleurs

Catégorie d'âge :

À partir de 8 ans

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