Saison 1 | Episode 4: Der verhexte Sattel

Bibi und Tina

Animation/Aventure, Allemagne 2004

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Bibi has not won a race against Tina for a long time. The two girls also find out the reason: Sabrina's old saddle is broken and hurts Bibi's favorite horse. It's a good thing that junk dealer Hannes is just coming to Martinshof with an old saddle made by a famous master. This saddle fits Sabrina like a glove, and she trades it for an old heirloom of Mrs. Martin. But then Count Falko von Falkenstein buys the saddle from Mrs. Martin for his collection. Bibi & Tina protest, but in vain. Bibi simply whishes the saddle back to Martinshof - but unfortunately together with the count! Of course, that means a lot of trouble. But then Bibi & Tina learn about a mystery.
27 min
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Réalisation :

Gerhard Hahn

Scénario :

Elfie Donnelly

Musique :

Heiko Rüsse

Montage :

Julie Balle

Voix :

Susanna Bonaséwicz (Bibi Blocksberg)

Dorette Hugo (Tina Martin)

Titre original :

Bibi und Tina

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Format :

16:9 SD, Couleurs

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À partir de 0 ans

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