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Bibi Blocksberg

Animation, Germany 1994

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Bibi Blocksberg is a little witch who lives in Neustadt. She has many friends there named Marita, Monika, Florian, Schubia, Flauipaui. Her parents are the witch Barbara Blocksberg and Bernhard Blocksberg (father without magic talent). She is a naughty girl who often allows herself a little joke with the mayor, the principal, the class teacher or other citizens, as she flies through the air with her broom from time to time. She has named her broom "mashed potatoes". Bibi always comes up with new witch spells, but they don't always work out the way she wants them to, but luckily her mommy is a witch too. Bibi finds a frog on the way to school, whom she enthusiastically takes home. But the very next day it becomes clear: This is no ordinary animal. He is the desperately wanted weatherman from the neighboring weather station. Since his disappearance there no longer are accurate predictions! When Bibi wants to give her little friend back, he suddenly disappears. Bibi begins to witch around.
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Gerhard Hahn


Heiko Rüsse


Susanna Bonaséwicz (Bibi Blocksberg)

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4:3 SD, Color

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