Sustainability: The longer breath

Films about a sustainable coexistence of people, nature and economy

Sustainability - the word is on everyone's lips today. There are many explanations and definitions for it, but as a rule they all have to do with the ruthless overexploitation of our raw materials, which leads to environmental pollution and massive damage to our biosphere. At its core, sustainability is about a different, better and more conscious use of raw materials, but at the same time it is always about social justice, because sustainability aims at the coexistence of people, nature and the economy for the benefit of all. While it is the task of sustainable politics to create the framework conditions for this, it is the task of education to accompany everyone's (re)thinking: Only when every person acts in the here and now in such a way that future generations will also have the same chances for a fulfilled life, will sustainable development succeed. Seen in this light, the films in our collection can also make their contribution: in different ways, they want to contribute to a sustainable, critical and creative, and not least also thoroughly enjoyable, approach to reality.